Please travel with me on my journey into the wrold of jewelry making

I have ventured near and far gathering beads, trinkets and many natural wonders. Please tag along and relieve with me the exotic, breathtaking and amazing places I discovered my materials. Yes we hit a few stumbling blocks. The first of many you have already heard about, my first step into the world of beading.
I will try to write this story chronologically. That may be my next stumbling block, remembering it as it happened. I hope you enjoy trip, I know I have .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect Match

Other than bringing an idea to reality, the second best thing about my craft is shopping. Imagine a woman who loves to shop. Well not just any shopping, but shopping and finding things that will one day be transformed into something “to die for”.

My husband and I are very lucky, we have been able to travel quite a bit. This has enabled me to collect treasures from around the world. Not only bought but found along sea shores.

I don’t shop with a specific piece in mind. I’ve never been able to follow directions. I don’t bake because you must follow the recipe exactly. That’s not me. I buy what I love with no idea what I will do with it. This definitely has it’s draw backs. More than once I did not have enough beads to finish a piece or add a much needed pair of earrings. So now I buy a little extra. This also has it’s draw backs. The airlines have decided to limit the weight of my luggage. I am sure my husband and all the other husbands had a hand in this.

While visiting Istanbul, on our way to the bazaar I found a bead store. It was located outside the bazaar. What that means is no English and no bargaining. We had a tour guide so English was not a big problem and she did managed to get a quantity discount. But when I paid with a credit card the discount got wiped out. Even with the set backs that was a high spot of the day. I walked away with some of the most beautiful beads I’ve seen.

When I get home and start organizing my booty I’m always thrilled when I find something I just brought home matches perfectly with something I already have. As if they were made for each other. The perfect match. Putting combinations together is so exciting. I truly believe looking at the beads, shells glass etc. brings out the creativity in me. They inspire me to find a design to showcase their beauty.

While walking along the sea shore I can collect enough stash to carry me though to the next year. Be it sea glass, coral or shells I see beauty and potential in it all. I’ve spent hours just watching what the waves bring in.

There are some things that need no accompaniment, I call them stand alone pieces. Other than finding and showcasing them I take no credit. But bringing two or more elements together to create a one of a kind beauty is where the pride comes into play.

I hope you enjoyed this part of my journey. Stay posted there’s more to come.


  1. I find it is the joy of the find. Sometimes that 1 piece just calls to you and you have no idea what to do with it. I love that feeling and I always listen to that little voice! Much to my husdnads dismay. ;0)

  2. It is so exciting to find something that speaks to you, and then there are those items that spoke to me and I have no idea what they are saying :)

  3. Shopping for beads is my favorite shopping trip! I love to buy vintage beads at Flea Markets and Antique Stores, take them apart and make something new. I live in a very rural area, but someday hope to attend a bead show!

  4. I thinK that so many of us who are into beads buy just because we see something beautiful and can't resist. For me, those purchases may disappear in my stash but eventually re-emerge at the perfect creative moment!

    Thank you for such an inspiring article!

  5. I'm the same way except with buttons. I have spotted one button in a 2 lb. bag and had to but them all for that one special one. It's an addiction I am proud of!

  6. Lovely! Please continue the story :)

    <3 Lauren (flaurena™)

  7. I am so glad I don't have to buy a whole bag of buttons for one button. Cause I would do it if I had to. With glass you can shop by color.