Please travel with me on my journey into the wrold of jewelry making

I have ventured near and far gathering beads, trinkets and many natural wonders. Please tag along and relieve with me the exotic, breathtaking and amazing places I discovered my materials. Yes we hit a few stumbling blocks. The first of many you have already heard about, my first step into the world of beading.
I will try to write this story chronologically. That may be my next stumbling block, remembering it as it happened. I hope you enjoy trip, I know I have .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is positive thinking.

I heard a song on the radio a few moments ago.
Little boy practicing baseball.
I'm the greatest baseball player of all time. Throws the ball in the air and swings as hard as he can. The ball falls to the ground. Picks up the ball and says again I'm the greatest baseball player of all time. Throws the ball in the air, swings with all his might and again the ball falls to the ground. Picks the ball up takes his stance closes his eyes and hears the crowd roar. This is for the game. Throws the ball up high swings the bat and in the dead silence hears the ball hit the ground. Strike three.
Off in the distance he hears his mother call him for dinner. Picks up his bat and ball and as he heads home says to himself I'm the best baseball player of all time, but even I didn't know I could pitch that good.
Well I laughed out loud and just wanted to share. I don't know the name of the song but I think it might have been Kenny Rogers.