Please travel with me on my journey into the wrold of jewelry making

I have ventured near and far gathering beads, trinkets and many natural wonders. Please tag along and relieve with me the exotic, breathtaking and amazing places I discovered my materials. Yes we hit a few stumbling blocks. The first of many you have already heard about, my first step into the world of beading.
I will try to write this story chronologically. That may be my next stumbling block, remembering it as it happened. I hope you enjoy trip, I know I have .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How it all began

While reading the forums today there wa a topic "What did you blog today". Well nothing, I don't have a blog. Well why not?

Lets see: Totally disorganized, don't even have time to list my new items.
I am a total computer dummy. If I did post a blog I probably would never be able to find it again.
What would I write about? My craft, my life, building a new house, our move from NY to SC. Who cares?
Who would read it?

I guess I could try it. Well it is a blog on Craftisart, so I'll try writing about making my jewelry.

A little background might be a good place to start. While having diner with a friend I noticed her bracelet and commented on it. She said she had purchased it from a woman who makes them, would I like her to get me one. "Let me see It". Very pretty, teeny,tiny little beads put together like a bangle. After several seconds I announced "No I can do that".

Off to Michaels, looked at a couple books, looked at beads. Bought teeny tiny ones, big bold ones (why stop at a bracelet) beading cord, books and anything else that looked interesting and took my treasure trove home.

Several days later I had made an assortment of necklaces but no bangle bracelet. Met with friend again and another friend and decided it was knitted. OK, I can knit.

Did some research and found out you needed 000 size needles. Well you don't get those needles at Michaels. Off to a knitting store. Smallest they had was 0 (what now) , woman suggested trying tooth picks, you know the long ones. Tooth picks are you kidding me? Off to the Gourmet Kitchen shop, for long tooth picks to knit a bracelet. Why didn't I just buy the bracelet ( my husband would tell you why).

OK, long tooth picks in hand, thread, beads I'm all set. Later that day, I have my bracelet, only it doesn't look anything like the bracelet I admired. It's nice but not what I wanted.

Got an e-mail from 2nd friend, it's not knitted it's crocheted( I don't crochet). Here is the web site with instructions.
Well it took over a year and a bazillion dollars in supplies before I finally finished to bangle bracelet.

That is the way my jewelry making career started.

Stay posted to see how it took over my life.
Good thing I didn't know what to say.


  1. What a great story - good luck with your blog!

  2. Great story! You have a wonderful determined streak. :)

  3. LOL. That's so funny. I make jewellery too. I actually started making jewellery after I lost an earring at the movies with my boyfriend. It did not turn out but it got me interested in making more items. Five years later I am registered as a business and have an etsy and Zibbet shop. Great blog!

  4. That's a great story! I actually have a few projects that I started in the beginning but never finished.

  5. Great story and wonderful start for your blog!

  6. I read and laughed because you sound so much like me. I would do the exact same thing. Great blog.

  7. Blogging is going to present you with no problems! I loved your first blog!

  8. what a wonderful story! I think most everyone here will identify with this beginning ~ and I'm sure you'll have no difficulties with blogging! xo